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Year: 1980
Country: Hungary
Run Time: 117 minutes


In the autumn of 1944, mounting fascist terror throws together a man and a woman. Shut up in an unfamiliar suburban flat, they are bound together by the common necessity of hiding and by the total absence of political security, their survival dependent upon false papers identifying them as husband and wife. Kata and Janos are diametric opposites: She is open and trusting, more a victim than a participant in the all-pervasive turmoil, while he is hardened and cynical from years of underground political activity. Nonetheless, both discover an undercurrent of love which promises redemption and, simultaneously, new conflicts. Although Kata and Janos find no ready answers as to their future together, each perceives that the sense of belonging, trust and love which he has experienced will not soon dissipate. CONFIDENCE, an Academy-Award nominee for best foreign language film of 1981, is directed by one of Hungary's most respected film makers. Szabo is the director of "The Age of Daydreaming" (1964), "Love-Film" (1970), "25 Fireman's Street" (1973) and "Budapest Tales" (1976).

Istvan Szabo (from a story by Istvan Szabo and Erika Szanto)

Mafilm-Objektiv Studio, Budapest

Lajos Koltai

Zsuzsa Csakany

Principal Cast
Ildiko Bansagi, Peter Andorai

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