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Year: 1980
Country: United States
Run Time: 103 minutes


In a controversial film full of memorable performances, Academy Award winner and five time nominee Ellen Burstyn stars as Edna McCauley, a woman whose life is suddenly devastated by a freak accident. Crippled and alone, she returns to the Midwest home of her childhood to convalesce with her lonely, intractable father (Richard Farnsworth) and loving Grandma Pearl (Eva LeGallienne). The moody figure of Cal, played by New York playwright Sam Shepard, moves in and out of Edna's life, a deeply vitalizing but also frightening force.

As Edna recovers in body and spirit, she discovers that the accident has left her with an inextricable legacy: She has acquired the power to heal. Resisting the religious labels heaped upon her by a growing following, she comes to very personal terms with her ability to tap the nurturing, healing power of love.

Director Daniel Petrie (TV's "Eleanor and Franklin") gets to the heart of the matter with a difficult subject that could easily have become contrived.

"A superb cast, a plot with dramatic and unpredictable twists and, most important, an intelligent thesis, one open to many interpretations." - Toronto Film Festival

Lewis John Carlino

Universal Pictures

Mario Tosi

Principal Cast
Ellen Burstyn, Eva LeGallienne, Sam Shepard, Richard Farnsworth, Roberts Blossom

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