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Year: 1978
Country: Jamaica
Run Time: 99 minutes


Like "The Harder They Come" (1973), ROCKERS is a film that develops the close connections between the Rastafarian culture of Jamaica and reggae music. First-time director Theodoros Bafaloukos fell in love with the music in 1973 and was determined to make a film that would be a vehicle of expression for the musicians and their music and portray them as they saw themselves. Filmed in eight weeks during the summer of 1977, ROCKERS tells the story of Horsemouth, a great drummer, and his efforts to overcome the poverty and prejudice his society directs at him without betraying the non-violent principles of his Rastafarian religion. It is ultimately a light-hearted film that finds its energy in the vitality of the music and the nonprofessional cast.

"I enjoyed the music, the actors, the whole film more than 'The Harder They Come.'" - Stanley Kauffman, The New Republic

Theodoros Bafaloukos

Patrick Hulsey

Peter Sova

Susan Steinberg

Principal Cast
Leroy Wallace, Robbie Shakespeare, Richard Hall, Monica Craig, Peter Tosh

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