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Year: 1980
Country: France
Run Time: 123 minutes


Beineix's first film is a stylishly directed thriller featuring fast-paced action revolving around the hero's possession of two secret tapes: One, the glorious singing of the diva; the other, the desperate swan song of a prostitute revealing a major vice scandal. Jules (Frederic Andrei) is a young man who delivers mail on his trusty moped when he isn't sitting in concert halls enthralled by his idol the "diva," who has never permitted her voice to be recorded. For his own pleasure, Jules captures her top performance on tape, observed by shady recording entrepreneurs. Unbeknownst to Jules, a prostitute hides her confessional tape in his mailbag, observed by crime syndicate hit men. Two sinister teams of bad guys vie with a pair of detectives in mad chases for the tapes, adding to the mounting body count along the way. The hunted hero is aided by a free spirited Vietnamese girl and her lover, Gorodish (a recurring popular character in Delacorta's novels), a mystic who believes in Zen and the art of buttering bread as much as outwitting evildoers. The cinematography is stunning, with frames that resemble hard-edge paintings. . .surrealistic landscapes of another world.

"The novel touches, bizarre chases and plot twists, breathtaking camerawork. . .make DIVA a superior piece of entertainment." - Variety

Jean-Jacques Beineix and Jean Van Hamme (from the novel by Delacorta)

Irene Silberman

Philippe Rousselot

Marie-Josephe Yoyotte and Monique Prim

Principal Cast
Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez, Frederic Andrei, Richard Bohringer, Thuy An Luu, Jacques Fabbri

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