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Year: 1979
Country: East Germany
Run Time: 102 minutes


Honored with awards from numerous international film festivals, filmmaker Konrad Wolf has been President of the Academy of Arts of the German Democratic Republic since 1965. His film SOLO SUNNY reflects the director's concern with situations that present challenges to young Germans in contemporary socialist society, and the effects of their personal decisions. Sunny (Renate Krossner) likes to maintain her independence, a difficult task in the male-dominated entertainment industry. A former factory worker, Sunny clings to her pop singing career, touring with a mediocre release. Her own performing talents are outweighed by her sex appeal and sheer drive, yet she dreams of success as a solo entertainer. She has to fight off the advances of Norbert (Klaus Brasch), a band member who replaces her with a younger, more willing playmate. Harry (Dieter Montag), a taxi driver, offers Sunny security, but she has eyes only for Ralph (Alexander Lang). When her long-awaited solo in a Berlin bar proves to be less than star-making, Sunny's only recourse is to return to her factory job or commit suicide. This test of her maturity will prove whether or not she is a survivor.

"Refreshingly entertaining. . .warm and human. . .the dialogue and the performances, particularly Renate Krossner's as Sunny, plus Wolf's usual sharp direction, make this a winner in every category. SOLO SUNNY signals a bright new trend in East German features for the 1980s." - Variety

Wolfgang Kohlhaase

Herbert Ehler

Eberhard Geick

Evelyn Carow

Principal Cast
Renate Krossner, Alexander Lang, Dieter Montag, Klaus Brasch

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