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Year: 1995
Country: Norway
Run Time: 86 minutes


Bent Hamer has created a warm-hearted, albeit offbeat, comedy gem in EGGS, his first featue film. EGGS concerns two brothers in their 70's, Moe and Pa, who have spent almost their entire lives in a small isolated cottage in the Norwegian countryside. Their daily eccentric rituals consume them and are seldom interrupted by the outside world. However, Pa did make one trip to Sweden during World War ll (a subject the brothers avoid with all of their might) and managed to father a child, Konrad. When Konrad's mother falls ill, he is sent to live with his father and (very surprised) uncle, disrupting their very ordered lives. All Konrad has brought with him is his wheelchair and his large collection of eggs, which he studies laboriously. The brothers soon discover that Konrad is even more eccentric than they are, leaving us to wonder just how long it will be before the eggs, or the characters, begin to crack.

Bent Hamer

Bent Hamer

Finn Gjerdrum

Erik Poppe

Skafti Gudmundsson

Principal Cast
Sverre Hansen, Kjell Stormoen, Leif Andree.

Film Contact
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