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Year: 1995
Country: United States
Run Time: 86 minutes

Every Friday for the last 10 years, Andy, Karl, Ty and Blake have met faithfully at Bill's place for their all-night poker sessions. Now Andy commits the deadliest sins: he's getting engaged - and he's invited a woman co-worker to the table. "She's a chick, right?" neers one of the buddies. "How long can she last?" But cardshark Liz has more than a few tricks up her sleeve as she invades the all-male enclave, and by the time all the chips are counted everyone's deck has been reshuffled. The title refers to a game in which queens are wild, but you need not know poker to follow Julian Stone's ace feature about the war between the sexes played out on a green felt battlefield. Pull up a chair and deal yourself into this diamond of a comedy in which hearts are trump and the laughs come in spades.

- Charles Cassady

Julian Stone

Julian Stone

Dion Luther

Joe Backes

Julian Stone

Principal Cast
Ray Porter, Melissa Lechner, David Teitelbaum, Dion Luther.

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