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Year: 1995
Country: Ireland
Run Time: 75 minutes


This lyrical family drama is set in the Irish countryside in 1952. John Doyle is an angry, brooding fisherman who lives alone with his estranged son, Eamon. Enormous social change is taking place around them - a fact that John Doyle steadfastly refuses to acknowledge. Electricity is finally being installed, and many young Irish people are emirgrating to America. It is also the time of the Korean War, and one such emigrant, Luke Moran, has returned from the war in a coffin draped with an American Flag. Eamon finds himself comforting Una Moran over the loss of her brother, despite the bitter feud between his family and the Morans. Inevitably, a sweet romance developes and John Doyle sets out to send his son to America, even though the boy fears he may be enlisted into the American army and sent to the Korean front. Using a largely unkown but inmressive cast, Cathal Black makes full use of the dark and brooding scenery through gorgeous photography and images. This is a poignant lookat Ireland during a turbulent period and a moving study of a father and son's painful relationship.

Joe O

Cathal Black

Darryl Collins

Nic Morris

Emer Reynolds

Principal Cast
Donal Donnelly, Andrew Scott, Fiona Molony, Vass Anderson.

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