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Year: 1995
Country: United States
Run Time: 104 minutes

The setting is surburban America, at an average high school where students pass notes and get in trouble for wearing Charles Manson T-shirts. The story begins when Carly Lumpkin, the school secretary, suspects Dinah Groshardt, the geometry teacher, of having an affair with her husband, Rom. Carly confronts Dinah, who quickly disproves her theory, and the two become friends. Through a series of one-on-one basketball games, teh two get physically and emotionally closer, and one heated game ends in a kiss. Although the women are overwhelmed with guilt and confusion, friendship soon turns to love. But compications arise at school as teachers whisper in the faculty lounge, and a special PTA meeting is called to address worried parents' concerns. Clearly the world in which they live is ill-equipped to deal with their lesbian love. Part comedy, part family drama, and all love story, LATE BLOOMERS is about standing up for what truly makes you happy, even though the world may seem to turn against you. - Christian Gaines, Sundance Film Festival

Gretchen Dyer

Julia Dyer

Gretchen Dyer, Stephen Dyer, Julia Dyer

Bill Schwarz

Julia Dyer, Gretchen Dyer

Principal Cast
Connie Nielson, Dee Hennigan, Gary Carter, Lisa Peterson

Film Contact
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