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Year: 1960
Country: United States
Run Time: 109 minutes


It's sad that after seeing PSYCHO, a murderer finally went to the police to confess to a double homicide, and when Hitchock was informed he replied he'd like to know what movies the man had watched . . . before . . . Viewing PSYCHO today, even with its plot twists so well-known, one is still struck by its severe moods and stark screen compositions that leave nothing to chance. From the anxiety and paranoia that accompanies amateur embezzler Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) on her guilt-ridden flight, to the unspeakable family secret Norman Bates guards at the remote motel where Marion's trail ends, this feature remains a fine-honed instrument of terror, psychological suspense, and morbid humor. ("My mother - what is the phrase? - she isn't quite herself today.") So welcome once again to the Bates Motel . . . 12 cabins, 12 vacancies.

- Charles Cassady

Joseph Stefano (based on the novel by Robert Bloch)

Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock

John L. Russell

George Tomasini

Principal Cast
Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, John Gavin

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