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Year: 1995
Country: Canada
Run Time: 89 minutes


Clement Virgo's masterful grasp of visual style and storytelling creates a compelling feature debut in RUDE. Riding a poetic edge where passions explode, the familiar implodes, and magic takes control, Virgo weaves the stories of three young black Torontonians ino a parable of hope, resurrection, and transformation. Former drug dealer General Luke returns from jail to his wife and son, determined to build a new life, but the powerful vortex of guns, drugs and money won't let him escape. Maxine, holed up in her apartment, is tormented by depression and emotional anguish at having had an abortion and losing her lover. And in the local gym, young boxer Jordan confronts his loathsome betrayal of his own homosexuality after taking part in a gay-bashing incident. They all move in on the sphere of Rude, a provacative and mystical D.J. on the local pirate radio station. Uncompromising, insightful, and blessed with consistently exacting performances, RUDE is a thoroughly invigorating experience.

Clement Virgo

Clement Virgo

Damon D

Barry Stone

Susan Maggi

Principal Cast
Maurice Dean Wint, Rachael Crawford, Clark Johnson, Richard Chevolleau

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