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Year: 1995
Country: Slovakia
Run Time: 110 minutes


An appealing and eccentric view of the world, where miracles seem natural and the ordinary becomes miraculous, THE GARDEN has a gentle comic touch and presents its characters with respect and affection. Jakob, a young schoolteacher, is kicked out of his father's house and sent to his grandfather's country garden with instructions to sell it. When finds his grandfather's journal, written in mirror-image script, and a map leading to an old hidden bottle of wine, Jakob is too intrigued to leave. Instead, simple long-forgotten acts and memories allow him to rediscover himself and redefine his relationship with his father. Helena, a pubescent neighbor girl, teaches Jakob to "understand all things not understandable"; passers-by have names like Rousseau and Wittgenstein; a jumping cat seems to drop out of nowhere; a tree appears to shake off its apples. With this wide-eyed and penetrating vision of the tenderness of life, Martin Sulik proves himself a director to be watched far beyond the reaches of his Central European homeland. In Slovak with English subtitles.

Martin Sulik, Martin Loscak, Ondrej Sulaj

Martin Sulik

Rudolf Biermann

Martin Strba

Dusan Mildo

Principal Cast
Roman Luknar, Marian Labuda, Zuzana Sulajova, Jana Svandova

Film Contact
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