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Mixtape Trilogy: Stories of the Power of Music

Year: 2021
Country: USA
Language: English
Run Time: 94 minutes

Mixtape Trilogy: Stories of the Power of Music
Mixtape Trilogy: Stories of the Power of Music
Mixtape Trilogy: Stories of the Power of Music
Mixtape Trilogy: Stories of the Power of Music
Mixtape Trilogy: Stories of the Power of Music

Music is more than a collection of sounds traveling from an instrument to our ears; the collective experience of listening to music promotes unification and formation of community. Former Akronite Dylan Yellowlees found her community in the audiences of the 350+ Indigo Girls' shows she’s attended (including many at the Akron Civic Theatre), and also found the courage, through their music, to be her true self. “Seeing people live authentically,” she says, “makes it easier for you to live authentically.” Music can also inspire change. Michael Ford founded Hip Hop Architecture to address the “60-year backlog of complaints” about the spaces inhabited by Black and brown people. Now he runs week-long camps in cities all around the U.S., which use prompts from rap music to help local kids think about how they would build better cities. MIXTAPE TRILOGY: STORIES OF THE POWER OF MUSIC includes these stories and more in a filmic thank-you note to the role music has played in shaping our culture and our world. —J.H.

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Kathleen Ermitage

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Kathleen Ermitage

Tristan Whitman, Kimman Harmon, Brian Alberth, Michel Bisson, Mike Dejarlais, Jeremy Rothman, Laura Paglin, Stephen van Vuuren, John Hessler,Brad Olander

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